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Subotica as an IT expertise center

Subotica – the center of the IT sector

There is an increasing number of IT experts and students who recognize Subotica as a place where they can achieve their business goals and harmonious life. The development of IT companies and their excellent cooperation with faculties has facilitated further development of Subotica as one of the main IT centers in Serbia and the region.


Field of work

IT companies from Subotica have developed significantly over the past few years. They have become widely recognized on the home and international market and appeal to numerous students and developers who want to pursue their careers in fields such as data science, machine learning, digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. Meet some of them in the video below.

Current technologies

The aforementioned technologies are used by IT companies to work on interesting and commissioned projects in the fields such as web development, automatization, the development of Android and iOS mobile apps, smart buildings, virtual guides, ERP systems, video games, and the like. People who work on projects are ambitious individuals with extensive expertise. They range from back-end programmers to occupations such as project managers, digital marketers, or graphic designers.

Interesting projects

Developers who recognize the advantages of working in a small and promising town will be looking forward to working on projects which require the use of some of their favorite tools – PHP, Python, Java, SQL for backenders or HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React for frontenders.

Education and development

All aforementioned technologies require experts who can enhance their competencies and pursue education in Subotica. The developed IT community, lectures, and conferences, as well as excellent tracks at faculties and exceptional cooperation with IT companies, facilitate young people’s education and work in the fields which are in increasingly growing demand. 

Subotica won’t just be the town that offers promising business opportunities to IT experts, but an exciting student hub and a place for peaceful and safe family life.