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Subotica as an IT conference center

IT community and conferences

It is important to find opportunities for professional development and meeting like-minded people. IT companies in Subotica recognize the importance of these aspects for their employees, students as well as the whole IT community, and are actively engaged in organizing conferences, lectures and courses dealing with hot topics.

The past events attracted people from all over Serbia and abroad who had a chance to get to know each other and exchange experiences, enjoy the hospitability of their hosts and the beauty of Subotica and Palić, and acquire new knowledge by listening to distinguished lecturers.

Past events

Some of the conferences that took place in Subotica or Palić are Webiz for digital marketing, Machine Learning Conference about an increasingly popular machine learning, E-Trade for e-commerce and business, IT4Business where companies outside the IT industry could learn about opportunities and benefits of IT. Below are a few shots from Conference for web development in Drupal DrupalCamp Pannonia.

Courses and lectures

The IT community generously transfers its knowledge through courses and one-day lectures. Sprint 2 Data Science Camp is a course that will attract the interest of all those who see the potential in the big data processing. In addition to this event, InfostudHub has organized courses related to designing websites and programming (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS), digital marketing, and the accompanying analytics, as well as the lectures dealing with hot topics in the IT sector.

However, acquiring knowledge is not the only benefit of such events. The participants will first and foremost meet like-minded people, potential colleagues, co-workers, and most importantly – friends. Together they will soak up and exchange knowledge as well as enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the north of Serbia.

Good hosts

People from Subotica will host you nicely, feed you, take you for a walk in and around the town and entertain you. They will show you the unique architecture in Subotica and the easy-going lifestyle, Palić lake, the promenade, the ZOO as well as places where you can eat well and listen to some good music.

With its developed IT community and the aforementioned town’s benefits, Subotica is striving to become an IT conference center by offering to all participants the opportunity to acquire knowledge, experience its beautiful surroundings, and connect with ambitious like-minded people wanting to attain similar goals.