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Subotica - a better place to live, study and work

Project IT Subotica 2030 is actively involved in improving the quality of life of all people living in Subotica. We promote studying, living and working in Subotica at both national and regional levels.

Although Subotica already offers diverse opportunities, we shall be working on improving the social scene (art, culture, sport, entrepreneurship…).

One of our particularly important missions is enhancing environmental quality (water, air, soil) as a key prerequisite for satisfaction with life in Subotica. We intend to help determine the real level of environmental pollution as well as support and promote initiatives that facilitate improvement of the current environmental situation.

What does life look like in Subotica?

You can make excellent use of your free time in Subotica. Regardless of what you love doing – playing sport, attending cultural events, going to cafes, taking scenic walks with family, or going out to bars, you will always find something to do.

If you want to go for a drink with your friends after work, you will find numerous cafes and won’t know which one to pick until one of them becomes “your cafe”. You can also experiment with restaurants. Since many serve excellent food, you can try something new each time.

Sport life in Subotica

Should you find yourself some energy to expend, there are plenty of ways to exercise. There are well-maintained running paths, exercise equipment in the shade of “Dudova šuma”, an outdoor or indoor pool, football pitches, table tennis courts, and plenty of gyms.

Palić Nature Park

The proximity of Palić is a great advantage for citizens of Subotica. It takes only 15 minutes by car to get to a beautiful promenade near the lake. After the working hours and especially on weekends, the place is packed with people eager to hang out with each other, breathe some fresh air, listen to the sound of water and the seagulls. Those who love going for a walk can also stroll down the Korzo, Radijalac or Prozivka and feel the spirit of Subotica even better.

Inspirational walk through Subotica

Once you get the chance to go for a walk in the town, lift your head and notice the Town Hall, the National Theatre and other buildings built in the art nouveau architectural style. You will realize why this place is so unique at first sight. However, the most important things cannot be noticed immediately. The more time you spend in Subotica, the more you will see the cleanliness and safety that make Subotica a great place for business and family life.

Work and life

Everything is close here. You won’t have to get up too early and commute too long to work. Everything you need is 15 minutes away on foot, by bike or by car. The salary – cost of life ratio is much better compared to bigger and busier cities. You will be able to use your extra money and time to broaden your knowledge at conferences, on courses and lectures or spend more time with your family and friends.

Multicultural environment

You can easily make friends in Subotica. The impact of multiculturality is manifested through embracing diversity and people’s outgoing character. It is particularly visible in the relaxed atmosphere in companies, team-building events and in student dorms.

Numerous and diverse activities

People socialize in various ways. Those who love cultural events and entertainment can go to the Palić Summer Stage, which often hosts concerts and stand-up acts. Also, those looking for lectures on a variety of topics, exhibitions, movie screenings, plays can always find something they will find appealing.

Studying in Subotica

We do not doubt that even students can find some kind of entertainment, be it the aforementioned events or parties, hanging out in dorms or doing sports. Other important things for future students are the excellent IT tracks at the Faculty of Economics and the Tech College of Applied Sciences, as well as exceptional cooperation with IT companies that offer students internships, scholarships, and job opportunities.

Geographic location of Subotica

If you would like a change of scenery, bear in mind that Subotica is close to the highway and the border, so you can easily hop over to Novi Sad, Belgrade, Budapest, or Vienna. If you have a more distant destination, Belgrade, Budapest, Timisoara, and Osijek all have airports only 2-2.5 hours away.

Once you settle down in Subotica you probably won’t feel much need to “escape“ to other cities. You will soon realize that this is the place where you can strike a balance between achieving your business ambitions and finding a peaceful life devoted to your family, friends and yourself.