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Who are we?

What is IT Subotica 2030?

“IT Subotica 2030” is an organization whose foundation has been initiated by IT companies and educational institutions from Subotica with the aim of making our town a widely recognized regional IT center and a place with a lively economic  and IT conference scene.The purpose of the organization is to encourage the development of social and environmental activities in the town so as to make Subotica an ideal place to live, study and work.


1. Making Subotica a center of IT expertise

Strengthening the town’s economy, encouraging digital transformation, and attracting high-quality staff.

2. Prepare for large scale international IT business collaboration

Creating conditions for bringing at least one big company as a permanent client or a local development center to Subotica which will strategically base its IT development on local resources.

3. Developing Subotica as an IT conference center

Creating conditions for making Subotica a developed IT conference town and a regional center for enhancing knowledge in diverse IT areas, and more attractive for potential investors and high-quality IT staff.

4. Making the town more appealing for life, studying and work

Encouraging the development of non-IT activities and events to increase the quality of life and create a more lively and attractive environment.

5. Ensuring a healthy environment

Improving the environmental quality (water, air, soil) as an important prerequisite for achieving satisfaction with life in Subotica and attracting diverse staff. 


The mention of Subotica usually makes us think about the northernmost town in Serbia, the town of art nouveau, Danilo Kiš, granges, wineries, Palić lake, an impressive Townhall, the second biggest European synagogue, and the like. However, many people, including the locals, do not know that Subotica has recently become a true IT town.

  • The IT Cluster in Subotica brings together around twenty companies from the respective field, which employ more than 1200 people (out of which 500 make up highly qualified staff). Many “traditional” companies also have an IT sector, so that the number is even bigger.
  • Our town offers a variety of IT fields, from programming (web development, IOS, IoT, Android, Cloud, AI, Database, Embedded, System solutions), digital marketing, telecommunications, machine programming, and engineering, through education, logistics, graphic design, and branding, to developing smart solutions (smart buildings), resource management systems, video games, online business, and the like.
  • The IT knowledge can be acquired at the Faculty of Economics (tracks: Business Informatics and Business Information Systems), the Tech College of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic High School in Subotica, Technical School “Ivan Sarić” and an increasing number of private IT education centers.



The initiative was launched by IT companies, public and educational institutions which started the IT Subotica 2030 project, structured and defined its field of work.